So, the big race is in a week.

Am I ready? Not even close.

OK, maybe I am. But am I feeling like a total novice? Yes. After all, it’s my first half-marathon and I’ll be running Thanksgiving weekend. Translation? I’ll be sweating out plenty of booze.

As I’m gearing up for the big day, I’m trying to figure out what I’ll need to do the morning of the race in terms of stretching.  Traditional fitness theory is that you should do a dynamic warm-up before a run — not static stretching. But believe me, I’m going to stretch. It’s a half-marathon, not a jog in the park. Not only will it be cold as hell that morning, but I’m terrified of getting a cramp or injury mid-race.

So here is my pre-run stretching routine I’ll be doing before I hit the trail. Use it before a big race or after a regular run to keep yourself injury-free and limber.

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  1. I do not stretch, ever (unless you count a quick bending at the waist and reaching to the sky, and bouncing on my tip-toes, which takes about 30 seconds). I once hurt myself stretching and couldn’t run for 2 weeks. I always do a warm up. I know there’s proper way to stretch and a wrong way, but I’d rather not risk it anymore.

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