As a life-long Laker fan, in spite of resending the offer to legendary coach Phil Jackson, it is clear that Lakers Leadership has still done some things right this November.

Life is full of swift transitions. And right now, no one knows that more than Mike Brown, former head coach of those world famous Los Angeles Lakers. Five games into what can only be described as a tragic losing streak (1-4), owner Jim Buss brought down the hammer on Coach Brown to the surprise of the sports world. Immediately, social media erupted about the trouble my beloved Lakers were in and whatever were they going to do without a coach? Many expressed disdain with the decision highlighting that last NBA season and 5 games this season wasn’t enough time to get it together and take control of the team.

What I found most surprising was the haterization (as Trina Braxton would say) tossed at Laker fans about how much of a hot mess the team was, indicating that the franchise was falling apart. Funny thing, however, most Laker fans found the firing of Mike Brown a source of holiday cheer and a sign of the team rebuilding, coming back together. We celebrated the decision with a sigh of relief because we no longer needed to save face by muscling through another lackluster season due to weak coaching. For some things, there is no such thing as perfect timing.

There is only to do what needs to be done. Success begins with leadership. And Mike Brown wasn’t cutting it, plain and simple. As Magic Johnson has stated openly, it was a mistake to hire Brown from the beginning. He was well prepared and had researched the players, but nothing about him seemed to reflect the culture of the Laker Nation.

A sign of good leadership is taking risk along with a measure of willingness to admit when you have made a mistake and swiftly make corrections. To be an effective leader in your own life, it is necessary for you to do the same.

So you took a chance on a new relationship, but you two are simply not a match and you are trying to give her/him until the end of the year to get it together, but you really don’t feel like much would change.

Perhaps it is a new diet or workout plan that was all the rage, and everyone said it would be life-changing; but you are about one puree or push-up away from giving up completely. Before you wash out, it might be time let it go and change your game plan.

Have you been considering applying for a job and taking a new career path? Or are you thinking about going back to school? Remember that you are responsible for the welcoming of your good, surrounding yourself with positive people and habits that make sense for your life. Just like the Lakers, you may get some haters who don’t like, or more than likely don’t understand the choices you need to make. But this is about what works or does not work for you. If something isn’t meshing well with your personal cultural and life, don’t be afraid to take risk! Just be willing to quickly make appropriate changes so you can maintain a healthy life.

In a life full of swift transitions, what corrections have you been slow about making?


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  1. Mike Brown is a good coach. But this article hit the nail on the head. His “way” of coaching does not mesh with the LA Lakers style of play. Lakers have now hired coach Mike D’antoni. I am clear as to what his style of coaching is and his style does not fit in with the Lakers way of playing as well. This will be an interesting season for the LA Lakers.

    • @Gerald: That’s a good point! If this next selection does not mesh well or doesn’t demand that the players adhere to this new style of coaching, the Lakers are going to be out another season and dead in the water AGAIN

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