Detoxing is commonly painted as a painless, picturesque experience void of discomfort, when in fact it’s quite the opposite. Yes, the outcome is, and should be a well-earned harmonious, glorious victory. But the process is work. It takes dedication and can even feel like hell.

Headaches, constipation, joint aches, skin rashes, breakouts, even hunger are all part of the process. These side effects occur because eliminated toxins enter the blood stream and begin to circulate through the body.

The worse you fell, the more toxic you are.

Remember, your colon is not the only organ that eliminates waste during a detox. Your heart eliminates waste. Your liver is eliminating. Your lungs are eliminating. Even your skin, which is the body’s largest organ, serves as an eliminatory channel. If you are experiencing adverse side effects, stay calm and remember the discomfort will pass. Also, try giving yourself an enema or find a way to sweat.

This will decrease the severity of your side effects and will assist in pushing out the eliminated waste.

Lastly, pay attention to your body. If you need to discontinue your detox because your body is dumping toxins at such a high rate, that’s OK too. Discontinue, but don’t be discouraged to “pick yourself up and try again.”

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  1. Timely, Frugivore. 😀

    I just started an herbal detox program—and for the first two days I felt like hell warmed up on a hot plate. I thought I was doing it wrong, and then I read this and felt better. (Sort of!)

    Now that I’m close to through I’m surprised at how my cravings for junk fell off. I feel fresher in the mornings now and have fewer abrupt crashes: no small feat for a hypoglycemic!

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