No one can say that life hasn’t been a rollercoaster for singer Fantasia Barrino, but this year she decided to change all that. Earlier this year Fanny announced to her twitter followers that she had a new album and a new fitness attitude. She announced that she had been hitting the gym and eating right, and last night she showed off all her hard work on the red carpet for the 2012 Soul Train Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Looking the best she has in years, Fantasia donned a slim fitting dress and wowed the crowd. Of course fabness comes with its haters because rumors are swirling that plastic surgery, not fitness dedication, is the reason for her new body. So Fantasia took to her twitter page to let the world know that she worked hard for her new body and nobody was gonna steal her joy!

She posted:

MTO stated I had a nose job but once again the lies keep coming. This time I brushed it off but wanted to say I am a TRUE black woman with great feature[s] thanks to my mother & dad. This isn’t just for my IG family but for ALL the media.

I am on a serious wellness plan & everything is steadily changing! So don’t stroke ME & THEN in the same sentence you attempt to tear ME down.

Personally, I think Fantasia looks great! I couldn’t be prouder of her for taking charge of her life and it just goes to show that no matter how far you fall along your fitness journey, you can always get back up better than ever!

What do you think of Fantasia’s new body? Are you inspired?

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  1. Fantasia looks awesome! I’m cheering you on.

  2. Good for her! It’s totally inspired!

  3. looking good, but how long will it last…time will tell

  4. Go head Fanny!!!!

  5. Good for her! She looks good. I’m glad she did it because I got tired of people talking about her weight all the time, plus you just feel better when you shed some pounds.

  6. Fantasia looks fab. Keep up the good work. Love yourself.

  7. Fantasia you look good no matter what u do rather its good r bad u gonna have haters so from me to u keep up the good work and damn ur haters 🙂

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