While summer days are characterized by lazy afternoons by the lake, come winter, many of us head to the mountains for sports of a more extreme kind. Did you know that Pilates can be a wonderful way to supplement your winter fitness routine?

Says Zeel Expert Halle Clarke, owner of Soho’s Mongoose Bodyworks:

“Pilates is a perfect complement to the rigorous and repetitive nature of winter sports.” Halle adds that, as with many athletic endeavors, winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and even ice skating rely on repetitive movements that can take a toll on the body. Here, she gives us three ways Pilates can counteract these effects.


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  1. Halle Clake is all-white (as opposed to mixed-race), IINM — I know her studio.

    I’d like to know who the lady is in the picture. If she’s in NYC, I want to train with her. I want to be able to do that “bow position” on the Spine Corrector like she’s doing and not have my lower back ache just because I have junk in the trunk.

    Anyone have an idea who she is? Editors? Anyone? Bueller?

  2. I have trained with Halle Clarke for many years. I am in my seventies, a former athlete, a former financial consultant, and now a writer of novels and short stories. as i write this i sit on a large blue round ball, my body centered and strong. without halle clarke’s intelligence and instruction I would never have been able to achieve this. I could not recommend her more highly.

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