Not only were we forced to eat some foul foods, we had our share of foul beverages to go along with it. Now, what exactly is Tang? Is it orange juice? I just know it left the nastiest taste in my mouth ever! The most vivid memory I have is one time when I was sick, my mother gave me a tuna sandwich and some tang, let’s just say as I laid in bed with puke all over me, I realized the two don’t mix.

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  1. I’m a vegetarian, so I won’t eat meat, but I’d especially avoid these, even if there was an apocalypse.
    1. Liver
    2. Spam
    3. Canned chicken (which I ate until I became a vegetarian at age 27)
    4. Canned spinach (Spinach out of a can? Ew.)
    5. Prune juice. God, that stuff was nasty. I still want to gag when I see it.

  2. As a child I ate most of the foods on that list. We ate them mainly because they were cheap, filling, and could be stretched easily amongst our large family. Now I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a 20 foot pole and fortunately, I don’t have to. However many people depend on those foods to survive.

  3. Fish Sticks! A staple on Fridays in a Catholic home.
    Canned Meat of any sort! Infinite Shelf Life.

  4. That chili that you find in the refridgerated meat section. I think it’s called XLINT? It came in a white package in a brick form and you would slice a piece of it off and cook it down. Yeah…Im cool on that. Tripe…which for some odd reason i always thought was some type of fish because my granny fried it in cornmeal. Okra….that ish is just plain nasty. Finally my mother’s tunafish salad. Sorry mama I love you but I will never eat that grossness again.

  5. 1. spam,potted meat, bologna or vienna sausages
    2.liver or any other innards including brains, kidneys, tripe, scrapple
    3. chitlins’ or hogmaws
    4. cheez whiz
    won’t drink Tang, Kool-aid or Hawiaan Punch or any other day glow ‘juice’ drink

  6. I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell the grey, square stuff in school was that they called pizza…EUGH.

    I never want to see a gizzard again.

  7. Here is my list.

    1. Palmento Cheese. Words can’t describe how much i despise Palmento cheese.
    2. Chittlins or Chitterlings. The smell is enough to make me never want them.
    3. dear, squirrel, rabbits, racoons or any type of wild game. EWWWW just nasty period.
    4. Chicken feet. I have no idea why anyone would want to eat a chickens feet.
    5. Neckbones. Neckbones have no meat and all that sucking is out of the question.

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