He made us dance, pump it louder and ask: where is the love? And now he’s teaching us how to recycle. Black Eyed Pease mastermind member Will. I. Am embarked on his latest adventure Ekocycle earlier this year in an effort to develop creative ways to recycle plastic bottles and expose new generations to unconventional elements of eco-cool. Now the superstar major brand power behind him.

Tapping soda industry giant Coca-Cola to back the environmental initiative, the music icon also has several lifestyle brands jumping on the bandwagon including Levi’s jeans, MCM and RVCA.

Ekocycle is part of a collective effort to create new uses for recycled materials while encouraging consumers to change their habits and manufacturers to incorporate more of these materials in their end products.

The very first partner to team up with Will. I. Am and his initiative this year was Beats By Dre. Made with 29 percent post-consumer materials, the Ekocycle head phone collaboration was recently released with additional products set to release by early 2013.

“There’s a responsibility that we all must take on as citizens of the world,” stated will.i.am during his Wednesday evening reveal in New York City. “Just because you recycle, doesn’t mean that your city recycles. We must demand more from ourselves and our surroundings. And we must continue to convert waste into a commodity so that waste is not wasted.”

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