Environmental and Health Impacts of Meat Production

Compared to our European counterparts, Americans consume 60 percent more meat. Unfortunately, our carnivorous appetite has contributed to negative effects on our health, the environment, climate change, and the animals we eat. The Environmental Working Group’s Meat Eater’s Guide Report states:

“Producing all this meat and dairy requires large amounts of pesticides, chemical fertilizer, fuel, feed and water. It also generates greenhouse gases and large amounts of toxic manure and wastewater that pollute groundwater, rivers, streams and, ultimately, the ocean. In addition, eating large quantities of beef and processed meats increases your exposure to toxins and is linked to higher rates of health problems, including heart disease, cancer and obesity.”


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  1. Meat, organic or not, is still detrimental to your health and innocent, sentient animals are STILL murdered for the sake of your dinner plate. Go vegan to save the planet, innocent animals, and your arteries. There is no such thing as a healthy diet that features meat.

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