I made a commitment to work out regularly. I set a consistent schedule to keep me on task. This was about choosing me and taking better care of my health through regular exercise and eating right. It was going great!

Then, it was time for the family vacation at the end of the summer. Vacations can be a wonderful time to relax, but when I started planning, I didn’t want to abandon all of my health and fitness goals. I panicked because I knew there would be two entire weeks of traveling and hotel leisure activities that could disrupt my routine.

Many of my fears came to mind: “What if I break all my healthy habits while I’m on vacation? How can I maintain my goals away from home? What if I don’t have any time to work out or have access to a gym? What if there are no healthy meal options? What if I undo in two weeks all the self-discipline and progress that I have been making this year?”

Suffice it to say, I panicked a little. Okay a lot. But give me a break here. Who wants to set into motion the undoing of themselves? Regressing is not the objective and for many of us, the road to just getting started with healthy living has been an upward battle. So, the last thing I wanted was to see life’s challenges staring me in the face and do nothing. I was going to do something, but what?

After the panic, I came to the truth and remembered “Where ever you go, there you are.” And there I was, determined not to be completely derailed, trying to stay focused and encouraged. I realized that a better idea was to make an action plan instead of complaining the whole trip about what I can and cannot eat or how I don’t have enough time to take care of the family and take care of myself. Or worse! Feel overwhelmed and discouraged, and give up all together for greasy, overcooked road trip food? Gross!

I figured out that making a commitment and proper planning helped me create a healthy routine at work and at home in the first place. So why not do the same for my vacation? It was time to strategize.

Here is what I did:

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  1. Wonderful tips! Thanks so much for this article. I’m on the way to my autumn vacay down in Key West which has lots of healthclubs but not much veggies. Great seafood though!

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