Not exactly a vitamin, omegas are still great diet supplement options that help to promote supple, hydrated and glowing skin. Sources of omega 3s include fish, flax seeds, and walnuts.

You’ll get a two for one deal as omegas are also great for reducing inflammation in the body, managing rheumatoid arthritis and lowering the risk of death from heart disease among other health benefits.

Are you currently taking vitamins to maintain healthy hair and skin?

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  1. Vitamin A,C,E,Iron,Vitamin B12,Vitamin B6,Taking the above Vitamins in their correct dosage will ensure that your hair and nails grow at a faster rate, grow stronger and healthier. It will save you the time and money you could use paying frequent visits to the salon for hair dressing, pedicure and manicure. The manicure and the pedicure will be for additional beauty for you not something that is a must to be done.This ways of taking vitamins for taking care of nails and hair is a natural way and hence is not harmful to the human body .

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  3. Zinc ,Iron, Vitamin E ,Vitamin D ,Vitamin A,Vitamin B12 ,Vitamin B9 (frolic acid) ,Vitamin B6 ,Niacin (vitaminB3)all are Essential vitamins for hair growth and the above nutrients are among the most essential vitamins for long, thick, luxuriant and healthy hair growth. Best vitamins for hair growth are in most cases gotten from normal foodstuffs. Others can be gotten from supplements.When you are in serious hair loss, you have to consult a herbal doctor.

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  5. Very good tips. B vitamins are probably among the best hair vitamins. Along with Hair Formula 37. The amino acids in that seem to work very well too. Thanks for the info!

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