Enhance Your Erection

Once she’s ready to go, choose a flattering position.

“Avoid missionary,” says Jen Landa, M.D., author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women. “You’re not able to penetrate as deep and the angle doesn’t really accentuate your size.”

Does size matter to you?


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  1. Is there a way to have productive dialogue between men and women about this subject? It’s taboo…but I ain’t scared.

    I am a man who falls into the average crowd…yay I’m a c student? wtf? Trust…it is a real hit to self esteem…but I get past it. Women can complain about flat this and that all yall want. Behind and breasts are nice to look at but don’t need to be a certain size to carry out any specific action. A penis on the other hand…

    Chop it up anyway you like. Size does matter. Those that say otherwise are trying to “save” a dude’s ego…which is wrong. You’re selling yourselves short and building an ego monster in the dude. How many women actually know how much they need? Why can’t this be a part of the what’s your name and do you have a stable job question/answer period?

    Her: So…what type of work do you do?

    Me: IT

    Her: Any children?

    Me: No

    Her: Do you want any?

    Me: Maybe so…depends on whether or not I meet someone that I can see eye to eye with on how children should be raised.

    Her: That makes sense. I like that. I might as well be sensible about something myself up front. I require at least 9in of penis or a very very very open mind that goes beyond overcompensation.

    Me: Thank you for sharing. I’m just over 6 on a good day. No magnums for me. I am into exploring female anatomy though. I’m perfectly ok with extra large toys, bed posts, gear shifter knobs, bottles, our fists, etc. with plenty of lube and patience when speaking in terms penetrating.

    Her in a perfect world: Seriously, your ego wouldn’t be bruised? No butt hurtness or insecurity because I pull out this suitcase of big guns from my side hustle as a pleasure party hostess???

    Me: None at all. Just tell me what you like. So…tell me about your eating and exercise habits. What do you think of “healthy” as a lifestyle?

    See how easy that was? Of course, that conversation would not come up within 2 min off initially meeting…but it needs to happen on the front end.

    Irony…I prefer large to huge sized vaginae. HELLO…HELlo…hello…it’s from a fear of tight spaces. Small ones can be stretched though…little bit more work…but it’s worth it when the lady is OPEN MINDED.

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