Failing to medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics and subsequently being lambasted by her teammates for not living up to her media-generated hype hasn’t deterred Lolo Jones from trying to get an Olympic medal before 2016.

The former media darling accepted an invitation, along with fellow track stars Hyleas Fountain and Tianna Madison, from the U.S. bobsled team coach, Todd Hay, to compete for a spot in the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Unfortunately, Lolo finished in a distant seventh place in the U.S. bobsled push-start championships, dashing her hopes for Olympic glory yet again.

Lolo became a household name in the lead up to this year’s Olympics Games. After offering the details of her sex life — saying that she was a long-suffering virgin — and taking every opportunity to capitalize of her rags to riches story, Lolo became a target for seemingly unfair vitriol from critics and teammates alike.

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