By now we’ve all had the talk. You know, the talk where your parents awkwardly sat you down to explain how men and women who love each other make babies. Fun times wasn’t it? There was one talk, however, that never happened, the talk where we’re told the pleasures of self pleasure. It’s something that has always been somewhat taboo, even in a culture where sex in thrust in our faces on a 24/7 basis. While men often joke about having to go on solo missions, women seem more likely to hide the fact that they masturbate and most are downright ashamed about it.

I personally know grown women who will blush at the simple mention of an adult toy even though they aren’t virgins, are single and well, have desires like every other human being. Why most woman prefer to keep their masturbation in the dark can come from a variety of reasons, but whatever those reasons are, one business owner in Tokyo, Japan is looking to bring the topic of women and masturbation into the spotlight.

Megumi Nakagawa is the proud owner of Love Joule, a “love and sex bar dedicated to women,” that aims to foster a comfortable atmosphere in which ladies can “openly discuss masturbation.” The bar, which opened in July in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, is off limits to men, unless accompanied by a woman and boasts a sexy, fashionable atmosphere with a bar display of candy-colored vibrators and lubricants, in addition to the usual display of champagne and liquor bottles. Nakagawa says that “most people view female masturbation as something of a mystery or taboo,” and we guess he’s hoping that after a few shots his female guests will be open enough to discover a different side to themselves.

So far Love Joule is a hit with the ladies and I’m definitely not surprised. For too long women have been carrying around this conscious or subconscious shame when it comes to masturbation and Nakagawa’s bar is finally giving those closet self lovers a place to go where they can see that they aren’t alone. A place to go where they can discover a side of themselves they’ve kept hidden and not feel ashamed at their curiosity. While I don’t think the U.S. needs a full on masturbation bar, I do love the idea of pushing the topic out of the taboo zone in such a big way. Something tells me that after one night at Love Joule those women’s lives will never be the same.

What are your thoughts on self love? Do you like the idea of a Love Joule here in the U.S.?

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  1. I don’t think this would fly in the U.S. but anything is possible!

  2. I’m booking a flight to Japan NOW!

  3. Japan never fails to amaze me. When I finally go, this will be on my To-Do-List. LOL

  4. I think that this event would make it in the U.S. Especially with Woman empowerment seeming like a male-deterrent. I especially think it would be successful among women from all ages and likely backgrounds. Japan is on my list of next country to visit. This article is just another reason I admire them.

  5. Instead of encouraging better relations between men and women (which is at a critical low in Japan,) let’s isolate the sexes even more! HURRAYYYYYYYYYYYY……sarcasm.

  6. The reason I don’t think this would make it in the US is b/c women wouldn’t go. They would feel too ashamed and the topic of female self pleasure is still pretty taboo unless men are watching it in porn. I think its awesome though : )

  7. We all know that almost every gal out there masturbates but none will admit it lol. Don’t think this will fly in the US. Women still live in denial when it comes to self-pleasure. Come on women! Raise your hand if you admit you masturbate…*crickets chirping*

  8. I have a question why is it anyone’s business, if you masterbate or not???
    Can people be private about some things without it being labeled shame.
    A woman’s sexuality is vastly different from a man’s but I couldn’t even see a the average guy going to a spot like this. IDK

  9. Whats the purpose, though? Are the women masturbating there or not? I wouldn’t feel the need to go to a bar to talk about masturbation. And those vibrators, are they just for purchase? Because to share a vibrator that 1,000 other women have used it nasty.

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