Just when I thought I had the hang of things, the weather turned.

I knew it was coming. I had suffered through training days in 90-degree heat, but somehow the cold weather runs seemed a better fate than dripping sweat and stumbling in my front door looking like a drowned rat.
Maybe I was wrong on that.

Here in Northern California we’ve had our first rains of the season. And me? I’ve had my first truly “oh shit” moment since I started training for my half-marathon. Even with all the right gear and a solid training plan in place, I didn’t even think about rain. Never even considered it.

The other day I set out in a downpour, determined to push through. What happened? I failed miserably. How do people train when it’s raining? Is this even possible? And, more importantly, what do I wear in this kind of weather?

I set out on a quest to find the answers to all of these questions. After all, I’m sure as heck not putting my training on hold just because of the weather. The next time it’s raining cats and dogs, I’ll be prepared. So can you.


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  1. I LOVE running in the rain. All those mossy smells and fresh, wet wind! It’s the best! I just had a wet run this past Saturday! Now, let’s make this clear: is this a guide for road runs or trails runs? Cause running on muddy hills is kinda a suicide mission….

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