Getting inspired by others

There’s an interesting sense of camaraderie when you’re a runner. You get to know other runners who run where you do. Eventually, they start nodding to you on the trail, or even smiling and saying hello. And on those days when you just feel like quitting? It’s funny how just seeing another runner, huffing and puffing even harder than you, will give you that extra boost to keep going. I love the sense of community. Like, “we’re in this together—even though it can suck.”

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  1. I absolutely love this post! Running make you feel like you can fly and my favorite part about it is the self-awarenss it brings.

    This sort of self-awareness–knowing my limits and my strengths gives me courage to face life’s adversities…what about you?

    Running is addicting, especially that state of mind, but I currently have an injury…what do you suggest and how do I mentally get through this without the regular surge of endorphins from my morning run?

  2. Running has took me from a size 18 to a size 10 in 90 days. This was also in addition to a change in my eating habits.

  3. running is awesome i do it at the gym well because i have allergies but i still wanna stay in shape so yeah

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