Probably in anticipation for his upcoming promo-tour for his new album, Dusk Till Dawn, R&B crooner Bobby V is hitting the weights, making sure no one thinks he has fell off.

Stating that he has been a little shy in the past when taking off his shirt in front of his fans, Bobby V enlisted the help of Necole Bitchie correspondent Fallon Mercedes to film and explain to the world why he’s ready to show off his bare-chest swag.

He took the lovely correspondent through several exercises, including a shadowboxing tutorial.

It’s about that core. Not to diss any woman that don’t workout, because there are some beautiful woman that don’t go to the gym. When looking at a woman that works out, you always look at that core because you can really tell from the core how hard shoe goes. Some women go to the gym to look cute and meet that guy that’s buff like your boy, and some go to really get in and be sexy.

I actually use to have a girlfriend and we use to workout and go run together and do a lot of things together and it brought us a lot closer. We use to do a lot of things together that I have never done with a female, things you would probably do with your homeboys. You meet a young female nowadays and she can’t keep up.

Check out the video below …

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