1. Brandy Norwood

The pop princess might have climbed up the ranks of the music charts in the 90’s but as her stardom began to rise, so did her battle with fitting into the Hollywood image of beauty.

In early 2012, Brandy revealed that during her teen years growing up in front of the screen, she used diet pills, self-induced vomiting and the occasional spouts of not eating in order to cope with unhappiness and the desire to be thin.

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  1. Rocsi is not Black.

  2. Rocsi, isn’t black. That’s not vicious or immature, that’s just a fact.

  3. From the comments above, now we see why black women have such an image problem. Now unto the topic, I think Oprah should have prime time special about this topic surrounding her struggles with weight. I’d love to hear what she has to say about her mental state as it pertains to weight

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