Packing on the pounds can easily be attributed to piling the food on your plate. But did you know changing simple things like the size of your plate, and utensils used can actually help you cut calories?

Health offered 4 simple techniques you can use to trick yourself into eating less at every meal.

Eat your next meal off a big-bordered plate

It can help you consume less, reveals preliminary research from Brian Wansink, PhD, director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.

“Plates with border designs visually reduce the size of the plate, prompting diners to serve themselves less food,” he explains. The result?

You take in fewer calories. Plus, he adds, serving food over the margin is like coloring outside the lines:

“People instinctively don’t like to do that.”

Supersize your fork

In one study, restaurant diners who used a larger fork ate about 10 percent less than those who used a smaller one.

Since food disappears from the plate faster, you believe you’re getting full quicker.

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