Quite often I’m asked about how safe natural sweeteners are. And of course agave is on top of the question list.

But could this so-called miracle sweetener, which the health food industries have touted as one of the best sugar replacements for diabetics, children and even raw foodists, be actually causing more harm on your body than you thought?

Review the facts and decide for yourself.

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  1. …Except brown rice syrup has been suspect lately because of the high levels of arsenic. Maybe try something else.

  2. Is it really necessary to click three times just to read this entire article? Couldn’t all this have fit on one page? I’m about to start boycotting the click-through articles and any comment section that forces me to click after less than 50 comments to read the entire conversation thread.

    On topic: I’ve only tried agave once, and was just waiting for more information to come out about it. It always seems like there’s some new miracle food on the market that costs more that the foods we’ve been used to but somehow makes all previous food the new devil.

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