A young woman, 29-years-old, was chatting with her sister about how they grew up, family dynamics, and childhood memories. “I always wanted an Easy Bake Oven,” she said. “I would watch commercials and see the little girl on T.V. with the apron baking. Every birthday and every Christmas for years I kept hoping for one, but I never got it.”

On her 30th birthday, her sister bought her the children’s toy. She smiled and was overjoyed when she saw the gift. At 30-years-old, she finally had the chance to bake a cake with her very own Easy Bake Oven. And she did. It brought her so much joy. Having her childhood dreams fulfilled delighted her.

This story got me thinking about the dreams of our youth. The things we dreamed of before we “grew up” and learned about all the limitations and restrictions in life. It took me back to a moment when we might have had just a little more permission to be free.

Did you want to become a super hero?

Where you the child that could always be found in front of a mirror singing into a hair brush?

Or did you want a pink convertible to match your Barbie and her dream house?

If you always wanted to work with animals but grew up to be an investment banker, your dreams can still come true! Volunteer at the local shelter or pet store. Keep an open mind and be creative.

Fulfilling your dreams, old and new, is so satisfying. Revisiting a childhood dream, something that might have been considered out of reach at the precious age of six, ten, or fourteen, is now completely within your grasp!

Bringing the dreams of your youth to life can be so simple, yet it offers a great deal of fulfillment and joy.

Joy is the true source of authentic happiness. Don’t we all need a little more of that in our lives?

So, take a moment to remember something that you always wanted. It doesn’t have to be a material possession. Go get it! Or go be it, and enjoy it!

Fulfill your childhood dream and welcome joy. What is your “easy bake oven”?

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  1. YES YES YES!!!!! I was telling my best friend the other day that we need to go camping this fall before it gets too cold. It reminds of my childhood when I was in middle school and we went on nature walks. I loved it and I always wished I could go back to woods as an adult and sit and be silent. Excellent piece Frugivore

  2. I believe Dreams are what keep us going. I’ve always had a dream of helping people. There really was no specific profession I had in mind. Mom says I should have been a teacher because of my ability to positively influence others. I have had friends and strangers along my walk through life that are better off financially and mentally because I have lived. To be a server by nature in some capacity is where my heart lies. As a middle aged man I believe I have met someone who is teaching me “How” to love. I am realizing that this thing called “Love” is becoming the “why” in my existance!! Great Article!

  3. Great article! I believe in getting everything you dreamed about as a kid! Nothing is unattainable if you are willing to put in the work!

  4. As a little girl, I really wanted to sing well. I actually was pretty decent by the time I was 14, but then adulthood happened and my voice changed a little. I’m not sure if I’d still sound good, but I’d like to at least take voice lessons.

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