What’s a list of vegan restaurants without one in Brooklyn? Imhotep, one of the older vegetarian restaurants, offers a mix of Caribbean food with vegetarian flavor. Enjoy sinking your teeth into soy oxtail, soy roast duck, or just a great veggie burger. Then, top it off with some ginger beer! Yum!

What are some vegan spots you love?


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  1. Quiet Storm in Pittsburgh, Busboys and Poets in DC…and any Ethiopian spot

  2. Sunflower Cafe in Atlanta is gloriousness.

  3. Veggie Grill is my spot but I’m not sure it’s vegan

  4. Sublime in Ft. Lauderdale

  5. I live in Brooklyn and am happy Imhoteps made the list! It’s def in my top ten. Other delicious vegan spots in NYC:
    1. Wild Ginger with 2 locations in Bk (Cobble Hill and Williamsburg) and one in Manhattan Wild Ginger is delish chinese cuisine if you like mock meats, noodles and great lunch special prices.
    2. V-spot in Parkslope has the best vegan empanandas. Ever. The Colombian is my fave… Try the Philly cheese if you’re up for something more adventurous. The summer rolls are great if your looking for light fare. They have a full vegan brunch on Sundays
    3. Champs and 4. Foodswings (both in Williamsburg) offer great vegan diner food. The French fries alone at Foodswings are worth the trip & Champs boasts a full vegan bakery that rivals most in the city!
    I <3 NY & NY <3 's Vegans

  6. I love Native Cafe in Chicago! 🙂

  7. Your photo is of Soul Vegetarian Cafe in Chicago, but the copy says it’s in DC…

  8. I love Senab its a vegetarian cafe in DC they don’t have a website but if you go you won’t be disappointed and its on 3rd st NW. Everlasting cafe on Georgia ave is delicious too!

  9. As a RAW vegan, I have to give major props to Raw Star in Brooklyn, a RAW-Caribbean restaurant. The gourmet fare at Pure Food and Wine in Manhattan is unbelievable. I’ve sent many non-RAW, non-vegan people there and all left amazed! They also have a take-out spot called One Lucky Duck that’s a tad bit easier on the wallet. Quintessence in Manhattan is another incredible choice. Rockin’ Raw, Peruvian-New Orleanian-Creole cuisine, is in Manhattan and Brooklyn. RAWvolution, in Manhattan, is kick-a*#! Also there are Organic Avenue boutiques all over Manhattan selling prepared juices, food, and cleanses.

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