My love for fresh figs was declared after my first taste of one of summer’s last sweet fruits. Every August, their lovely flavor inspiring home and personal scents, becomes abundantly available. Being in season, naturally means decreasing prices and a genuine ripe taste. By the first day of fall, the locally grown figs disappear as expensive, imported varieties return for the rest of year.

With fig season being short and sweet, this simple salad of lacinato kale and seared figs is a worthy dish to try. The light caramelize juices from figs is whisked with a touch of butter, honey and a tiny amount of wine to make a warm vinaigrette that softens raw kale. It’s a perfect recipe transitioning from summer into fall. Such as when a raw summer salad is craved on a hot day, and a warm dish is needed for a cooler day—this salad is healthy choice.

If the greens are properly cleaned, cut and stored in a sealed container ahead of time, this salad is an ideal weekday meal. Use the greens as needed, especially with this delicious Kale and Seared Fig Salad. With this warm vinaigrette sweetening tough kale greens, you’ll eventually declare your love for figs, too.

Note: Try another delicious fall salad, Butternut Squash, Kale and Red Quinoa Salad with Ginger Vinaigrette here.

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