Running is hard. Running sucks. Running isn’t good for your knees. Running will give you injuries.
These are common words uttered by people who’ve never run with proper gear.

Gear? Um, I thought I just need a pair o’ shorts and a tank top? Well, you thought wrong.

Last week I told you how I’m training for my first half-marathon, and one of the things I learned real quick was that my ratty yoga pants from like, high school, and a baggy t-shirt just weren’t going to hack it. Of course, I didn’t really know this until I actually got the right gear. Before then, I just thought I must suck at running. It was so hard. I was so sweaty. My feet and toes hurt in places I never knew existed.

The truth is, you can easily run in whatever workout clothes you already have. But don’t expect to be comfortable by about mile four. It’s at that point you have a whole new respect for why good running shorts or shoes cost about a third of your rent. I get it now.

As I’ve spent the last few weeks collecting, tweaking and perfecting my running garb, I’ve learned a thing or two. Here are the basic essentials you’ll need if you’re going to train for a race—or if you’re just interested in getting started with running:

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  1. Safety gear! I run when its dark (its always cooler then), so make sure you have on something that reflects and a small hand-strapped pepper spray ( or something!

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