Kneel down in front of a wall, with your butt facing the wall and your toes just touching. Push up so you are crouched on your hands and toes. Note: this is a perfect moment for a wardrobe malfunction! The first time we did these I was testing out the SKINS and because of their super, um, compression (think toothpaste being squeezed out of a tube) I had on a really lose top. Which waited until I was upside down on the wall to slide up to my pits. Thankfully everyone else was upside down too so nobody could see me … until Trainer Jim called a time out just for me to fix my shirt. Thank heavens for sports bras!

Step 2:

Jump both feet up onto the wall. Then back to the ground. Up. Down. Up. Down. As fast as you can for 30 seconds. (1 minute if you’re feeling frisky). Don’t forget to throw in a couple of “hee-haw”s to amuse any onlookers.

Bonus Circus Move: The quad push-up

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