Boot camp at our Y is the personal trainers’ class to try out every crazy, painful and downright evil move they don’t dare use on their paying customers. Case in point: The Trainer Pull. Trainer Riley squats on two sliding discs, hands me two resistance bands like reins and then has me pull him up and down the main hallway of the gym on wet carpet. I love you guys so I’m not going to make you do that. (Plus it would entail you finding some poor schmuck who’s going to let you lug him around a public venue with the off chance you let go of one of the bands and smack him in the face. Which I totally did to Riley. He took it like a champ!)

Today’s move, the Donkey Kick, is brought to you by Trainer Jim. You don’t need any equipment except a wall and a lack of pride! This move will really burn out your quads but you’ll feel it in your shoulders and core as well.

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