Fall is fast approaching. And while you may be itching for pumpkin-spice lattes and a cozier wardrobe, your clothes aren’t the only thing you should makeover when the weather turns. As the seasons change, so should your diet.

Eating seasonally is not only important because it supports a more sustainable lifestyle, but because it’s nature’s way. Our ancestors needed light, refreshing citrus fruits and lettuces in the summer and starchier, heavier foods—like apples and squash–in the fall and winter. Sure, you can still get a crate of fresh raspberries in the middle of January (if you live in the civilized world, at least), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about what you’re consuming—and when.

In the fall, your body naturally wants warming, satiating, protein-rich foods. Start eliminating the cooling, “dampening” foods of summer. Here are 7 veggies to stock up on the next time you head out to the farmer’s market in that crisp autumn air:


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