TIP #5:

There’s a lot of negative talk about soy these days. And rightfully so, it has earned itself a bit of a bad reputation for being toxic and causing a whole host of health issues. But, it truly is surprising how many people are not aware of the number one reason it is recommended to avoid soy. Besides the ethical issues with GMO and Monsanto, most commercial soy is not processed correctly.

Soy contains an enzyme inhibitor which blocks the production of the enzyme needed to break down the protein. Consequently, because this matter is not able to be processed by the human body, large amounts of unwanted waste begin to collect due to improper soy consumption. However, just ask our friends in the East, who have been consuming soy before we even knew it existed.

If you’re gonna consume soy, ONLY eat the sprouted, organic soy. Because this soy has become active and the enzyme inhibitor has been removed through the sprouting process, the body is able to utilize the superior soy protein.

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