1. Get the body part set in a cast.

This was universally the method of choice for muscle atrophy, after all have you ever seen someone get a cast off their leg? Clearly this works. Also clear: if I think being unable to zip up my dress is embarrassing, I will not be able to handle the public mockery that would ensue if I showed up with armpit casts. Out.

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  1. Pilates. Pilates. Pilates. It will stretch those muscles out-long and lean. More dancer-like, as opposed to the bulkier, thick look.

    • Leo the Yardie Chick


      Yes, I was reading and my mind kept going, “Sounds like more stretching is in order”. Hoping to get a job real soon, so that I can give pilates a try.

  2. I did a double take at the article title. Then I dropped a few choice four-letter words. WHY would one WANT to lose muscle? I mentally shouted–and then looked at my arms like I was worried the muscle would fly off or something. I’m glad to see that your reason is relatively sane but it’s definitely not for me. I’m built like a rail. My limbs would be twigs if I didn’t work on building muscle. NOT a good look on me.

    If it were me–it’d be alteration time.

  3. How about just be happy your muscular? Make the last do what they’re supposed to do…pull ups! strong is the new skinny. Embrace that ISH!


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