3. Don’t schedule the rest

Lots of workout-a-holics I know (and yes, it takes one to know one!) like to do “active rest” where they do yoga or take long walks or something else on their rest days. I’ll probably take some heat for this but I’m not a fan. First, that’s not rest, it’s cross training. And it can be too tempting to make yoga or walking into a power sport. Second, we all have lives outside of exercise (or we should) and for me it’s important to use that “extra” time to do something in a completely different area. I’m not saying you need to refuse to get off your couch and take up counted cross-stitch. But I am saying if you take your kids to the park, have fun playing with your kids and don’t take them to the park just so you can get in some extra exercise.

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  1. Great tips in country that hates to rest 🙂

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