It’s time for your weekly weigh-in. You take a deep breath and step on the scale. Despite the cut calories and four workouts this week, the scale has barely moved. You let a out heavy sigh and wonder if you would have been better grabbing that slice of chocolate cheesecake. It’s moments like these, when you’re not progressing the way you want, that can make the weight loss journey difficult.

There are also moments where you’re losing, but you don’t seem to be losing enough to love your reflection. It’s something you haven’t quite put your finger on, in some ways you more in love with the person in the mirror when you were a bit heavier. On these days losing weight seems to be having a negative impact on your self-esteem, definitely not what you were going for.

So what do you do when your weight loss journey is weighing on your spirit?

  1. Give yourself time. The first few weeks of a new diet and exercise regiment tend to produce quick results. Once your body is use to the new way of working out or eating, you need to mix it up a bit if you want to continue seeing changes.
  2. Lean on your team. Sometimes you don’t realize just how great you’re doing. Turn to friends and family who are supportive of your journey for a quick pep talk. They are likely to see the changes that you don’t since you see yourself every day.
  3. Remember why you’re working out. This is not a journey to skinny or a quest for beauty, this is about becoming a healthier version of the beautiful person you are. Vow to love yourself completely no matter what the scale says. While you track your exercise and food intake in your journal, also take note of the awesome things you’ve done that day. If you made someone smiled, if you volunteered, if you did a great job at work, write it down. Your value isn’t determined by the numbers on the scale.
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