I’m not a sports person, not even the slightest.

I don’t play anything, never have. And I’ve definitely never been a fan of watching any kind of games on TV. The closest I’ve ever become at any sport activity was taking boxing workout classes. I love boxing. I think that stems from being a young girl and watching all those Tae-Bo paid programming shows, thanks Billy Blanks! But it’s something about the Olympic season and that sudden flow of Olympic spirit that makes me wish I was more athletic.

It’s only every four years that we get to see talented athletes from around the world competing in what seems to be their born-to-do-this sport at the Summer Olympics. And it’s only every four years that I actually sit and watch sports because it’s always then while watching the Olympics that I am intrigued and simply amazed at what these athletes have trained their bodies to do.

Whether you’re a sports lover or not, I think anybody can appreciate the hard work that goes into being a good athlete and making it to the Olympics. Even more appreciable is the fact that most of these athletes began their sport as an activity as children and they, some still teenagers, continue to work hard and train to be the best they can be and are turning this into an Olympic career.

When I’m watching the Olympics, sure, I look at their athletic bodies and form just a tiny bit of jealousy that they have these unreal bodies, but I also see that all these athletes have a common non-exclusive entity that got them to where they are, and that’s dedication. They train their bodies, mostly at very young age, to get to where they are now. It’s all training, discipline and hard work. It can’t be easy. And that to me is inspirational. I imagine the strain and aches they must go through to get to where they are and I realize how inspirational it is to see what the human body can do and where it can lead you if you’re dedicated. And that’s really all anyone needs when beginning a new physical activity. Dedication.

We all have those times when we lose motivation and get lazy. But there’s nothing better than having the “big picture” in your head. Knowing there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that all this hard work is for a good reason. What we can learn from these Olympic athletes is that self-discipline, dedication, and a positive attitude will reap rewards, and this can be applied to any situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re training for an Olympic event, a local marathon, or simply getting fit for your personal health, anyone can turn their dreams into reality with hard work and discipline.

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  1. YEP!! I’m signing up for a dancing class. (Cant find gymnastics for my age in my area)

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