Ah childhood! Those carefree days oh so long ago when we would go outside and run around all day innocently burning calories and eating whatever we wanted without a trouble in the world. One of the best toys from our wonder years had to be the hula hoop! All a hula hoop was back then was a big plastic ring that we entertained ourselves with for hours by simply trying to get it to stay put on our non existent hips (or feet and hands, if you really had skills). Now as adults we think out hula hooping days are over, but that couldn’t be far from the truth!

Back in the day playing around with a hula hoop was just fun, but now as an adult, it’s also a great workout. Don’t believe me? Enter former Hoopnotica master trainer Jocelyn Gordon and her HoopYogini™ workout. Jocelyn brings the sexy back to hula hooping “as a fun fitness, dance, meditation and art Holistic Conditioning experience that utilizes the modern adult-size hula hoop for flow, self-awareness and as a functional fitness tool to strengthen and stretch the body.” She recently dished out some great tips for beginners looking to get fit and reclaim some of their lost youth.

Get An Adult Size Hoop

Jocelyn’s first tip for Hula-Hooping newbies is to invest in an adult sized hoop so you can build up your strength and relationship with the sport. A large hoop will help newbies get a feel for the hoop and creat a really good vibe with it.

Get Your Mind Right

Jocelyn learned firsthand that if her mind was someplace else, then she’d lose her groove. She says, “I found if my mind is in the space of what I have to do next then the hoop will drop . . . Then I realized if I stayed present, then I would be hooping; I’d find flow.” Keeping yourself connected to the moment and letting go of expectations will only help when you’re starting out anything new.

Drop The Weight

Jocelyn advises that beginners leave the weighted hoops alone. Although some newbies may find them easier in the beginning, many weighted hoops can promote injury. Your best bet is to get the basic moves down, and practice, practice, practice.

Don’t Take Yourself Seriously

Remember, hula hooping started out as a childhood pastime, it’s supposed to be fun, not stuffy and rigid. Jocelyn says “If you start remembering it’s a kid’s toy, you stop taking yourself so seriously. You take yourself less seriously, and you have more fun.” Sounds like wise words!

Would you try a hula hoop workout? Did you hula hoop as a kid?


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  1. The hula hoop has always been my mom’s favorite way to exercise and keep her tight core. I LOVE hula hooping too, but don’t own one. I’m going to buy one this weekend : )

    • @Jenné @ Sweet Potato Soul:

      Hula Hooping is the most fun exercise I have ever come across! I do about 30 minutes or longer every day and i’ve dropped a couple dress sizes!

      I really believe it’s the only fitness tool a woman needs because it’s a mix of cardio and strength training.

      Everyone should give it a go at least once! 🙂

  2. Thank you Danielle and Clutch magazine for posting this article! Hooping has enhanced my life in many ways including expanding my creativity, deepening my understanding of polarity and balance (energy in motion, as above so below, become the center around which life spins), widening my circle of community, allowing me a right livelihood of service rooted in joy and embodiment. HoopYogini is birthed from this abundance and I’m so excited to soon announce dates for the inaugural HoopYogini Embodied Leadership Training. Yay! Readers, please consider joining me online for Skype classes, in Big Sur for delicious weekend immersions, or in Bali for fulfilling retreats. I look forward to dancing with you!


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