Women with eating disorders are four and half times more likely to have been vegetarians at one point says a new study published in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. A total of 160 females were surveyed. 93 females who had struggled with eating disorders at some point in their lives and 67 who never had one.

Women with a history of an eating disorder were also more likely to nominate weight loss as their primary reason for adopting a vegetarian diet.

The study suggests that doctors should have more discussions with females who choose to become vegetarians, citing that 52% of women with eating disorders have become vegetarian, compared to 12% of women without disorders. Doctors should particularly screen women who use vegetarianism as a means for weight loss, which 42% of women with an eating disorder did.

Of the study, “33% of people suffering from an active eating disorder were currently vegetarian, compared with 13% of those who were partially recovered from an eating disorder and only 5% of those who had fully recovered.”

Have you ever changed to a healthier lifestyle to mask a more destructive lifestyle?

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  1. Very smart… I’ve seen it done… happiness is next to Godliness. Who said through a mans eyes shows or can have right to give validation??? Good read!

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