Breasts are only one part of what makes femininity, well, feminine. Though it’s not unnatural for many women to catch themselves staring in the mirror wondering why theirs aren’t bigger.

Now there is genetic research that has found seven genetic markers that are linked to breast size in women. The study, which was published in the BMC Medical Genetics Journal, details that the size of our breasts are only party inherent. The genetic makeup can also detect other medical conditions, such as breast cancer.

The main researcher, Nicholas Eriksson of the genetic company, 23andMe, found a connection between breast density and breast cancer. The research indicates that it’s possible that larger breast sizes in leaner women lead to a higher rate for breast cancer when compared to smaller breast sizes.

Though this is just an observation, it was matched against the 16,175 women of European ancestry, who took part in survey outlining their bra cup size, bra band size, and genetic information.


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