Juice Feasting may be the new craze in health benefits. If you’re unfamiliar with the terms juice feast, allow me to explain.

Juice feasting is a program in which you drink 12 to 15lbs of juiced produced daily. By and by it offers great benefits, it cleans out your body, rebuilds your immune system, and replenishing nutrients in your body.

Although juice FEASTING is different from FASTING, both have the same caloric-restrictive principal, and according to Dr. Madelyn Fernstom, TODAY’s diet and nutrition editor, there are cautionary tales to juice diets — just as quickly as you put off the weight, it may come back:

“With weight loss, when it comes off quickly, it comes back on quickly,” she says. “If you stay under 1,000 calories a day with liquids or solids, you’ll lose weight at the same rate.”

She also mentions that a diet of only juice can not only have you running to the bathroom every few hours, but also cause a decline in muscle mass.

But there are benefits as well,

“No one eats enough fruits and vegetables and one way to get them is to drink them. One glass of fruit juice has the calories of two pieces of whole fruit.”

But before you go asking, “Will this help me to lose weight?” Know this. Although weight loss does happen, the primary goal is not to serve as a weight loss regimen, but rather to cleanse your body of all toxins in a healthy way.

Would you try juice feasting?

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  1. Yes I would try it. In fact I’m thinking about doing one next week. My sister did one and loved how she felt!

  2. Hell to the yes! Juicing is the best way to clean out my system after all the acidic foods I eat like meat and dairy. I love my meat but I’m a firm believer in juicing every morning and before I sleep

  3. I prefer green smoothies to juice because you’re not just drinking calories with the benefit of vitamins, but you’re getting more benefits of the whole fruit/vegetable (mainly fiber which provides a natural cleanse) and there is less waste. I’ve never understood the idea of the need to juice in order to “cleanse” your body. In fact, all of the benefits of juicing (cleansing, rebuilding the immune system, and replenishing nutrients) can be obtain when you eat and drink the right things. I like that juicing makes people enthusiastic about their health, but it worries me that some people think juicing will solve their health issues with out taking other steps to improve diet.

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