Being the law-abiding, Type A, total rule follower that I am, I’m rarely a bad girl. But sometimes even I need to rebel. Case in point: today I sent my kids with dirty socks to tie-dye for day camp because I couldn’t be bothered to go to the store. (Plus: what better way to camouflage dirty socks than with tie dye??) Then I had them all eat dinner off of paper towels because I’d just started the dishwasher and didn’t want more dishes to besmirch my clean sink. AND now I’m watching the Olympics while I work which means I’m really not working at all, unless by “work” you mean working to keep my jaw off the floor watching the Chinese gymnasts. I know, I’m basically James Dean.

But when it comes to your health sometimes being “bad” is really good for you! (And I’ve even included research to prove it!) So in honor of my lazy day today, I’m declaring it the “Day of It’s Okay.” Here are some of my favorite rules to break:

It’s okay to not to eat every 3 hours!

Research from Vanderbilt University shows that your metabolism won’t nosedive if you don’t snack and the break from constant eating can have long-term health benefits. If you love toting baggies of almonds in your purse, keep on my sweet squirrel. But don’t feel bad if you can’t make the mini-meal thing work for your schedule. You’ll be just fine.

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  1. It’s okay to stop saying I’m going to start my diet tomorrow when today is here

  2. It’s okay to look at girls a$$e$ at the gym without feeling like I’m a creep

  3. it’s okay to stop and walk instead of run. My #1 rule
    it’s okay to take a shower in the gym

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