Well, if this isn’t a throwback ad for the “Let’s Move” campaign, I don’t know what is!

Do you remember the old school 80s ad, ‘Get In Shape Girl,’ promoting girls to be active and well, stay in shape? It often got a lot of criticism for promoting a culture of preadolescent girls who were more focused on their bodies than having fun. But, as a kid, who was really thinking their weight, or a society where the half the nation is obese? I sure wasn’t. I was definitely in the yard playing with my Skip It.

Oh, and get this! The actual Get In Shape Girl Fitness came complete with hand weights, a jump rope, wristbands, a water bottle, and an instructional guide.

This video reminds me of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, but obviously a more modern version.

What do you think? Do you remember these ads? What do you think the feedback would be today?

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