Another day, another get skinny quick diet fad. You would think that after watching numerous fads come and go, authors would stop peddling and we would stop falling for it and buying, but no. This week’s must try diet comes to us courtesy of “Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends,” written by an actor named Paul Khanna, who has, for some odd reason, chosen the pen name Venice A. Fulton.

So, what makes “Six Weeks to OMG” different from all the other diet books on the market? Why their secret formula of course. The secret formula in “Six Weeks to OMG” starts with the following, every day:

  1. A big glass of water upon waking
  2. A 15-minute bath in ice cold water
  3. A cup of black coffee
  4. Thirty minutes of light exercise.

You do all this, and then you wait an hour to three hours to eat breakfast. Before each of your remaining two meals (at which you are supposed to practice mindful eating), you are to exercise again. There are no snacks, which has to be the most dreadful part of the whole thing next to the ice cold bath. The rest of the diet pretty much follows a similar line to the Atkins diet by focusing on low carbs and high protein.

On a good note Six Weeks to OMG does get points for encouraging veggies explaining why BMI is B.S., and for citing studies to back up the claims made in the book. The author also discusses his theory that our bodies are designed to engage in physical activity before eating, because we are basically just hunters and gatherers. So before you eat a meal, you are supposed to move around for 15 minutes. Our bodies are also designed to handle long periods without food, because there was a time when we didn’t know where our next meal was coming from.

In short, the book wants you to restrict calories and exercise … surprise, surprise. The rest of the diet just seems like a quirky ploy that lures you in and confuses you into thinking it’s different from all the other books when it really isn’t. I wouldn’t go out and spend my hard earned money on this book, but then again I’m not looking for a get fit quick deal. In the end, this fad, like many others will come and go, and people will once again have to come to grips with the fact that plain old fashion exercise is and always will be the best way to get skinnier than all your friends.

What are your thoughts on the book? What diet fads have you tried? Did they work?

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