The Problem With Compulsive Exercise

Despite its reputation for being the disorder that everyone wishes they had, there are many downsides to compulsive exercise. First, it’s very time consuming. If left on my own, I’ll work out upwards of 5 or 6 hours a day. However, thanks to my children, I am never left on my own which becomes self limiting. Second, it often has the opposite of the desired effect. I first took up running to lose weight. But I’ve discovered that if I run too much, I actually gain weight. Third, I’ve experienced many negative health effects resulting from over training like amennorhea, a suppressed thyroid and a myriad of smaller injuries. The greatest toll however is on my mind. By making my self worth dependent on something so capricious as a good workout, I’ve set myself up for a veritable roller coaster of highs and lows.


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  1. talullah belle

    Thanks for this article. I am a compulsive exerciser too. So is my boyfriend, so it works! I love to run and do Bikram Yoga, kickboxing and Capoiera… you name it. I am also obsessed with the body beautiful and looking my best. At nearly 45, my body is gorgeous (132 lbs and 5 ft 6) and my health is wonderful (knock on wood). I have great frequent sex, high self-esteem, I can wear absolutely anything, I fit into a size 6 (and have since 8th grade), I have great focus at work, mental clarity, good skin, and I have tons of energy. The body was made to move vigorously every single day. I make lots of time to exercise each day, and it pays me back tenfold. Enjoy your workouts and do not feel guilty. Good for you sister!!

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