Workout 6: Eat Smart!

S = unlimited
R = forever

One final thing I want you to realize is that just like abs, a great butt will be hiding behind a layer of fat… unless you get rid of it. Doing this workout will surely give you a powerful bum, and will give it the “tightness” it needs to stay firm… but if you really wanna “show it off” then you need to realize that your eating habits are just as crucial. Unleash your spectacular rear view by eating right AND doing my workouts… and expect to be complimented and stalked — Every girls dream.

Stalking is every girl’s dream? And in other news, next week I will be guest posting, on Fit Jerk’s blog about new wave feminism in a gym environment.

Overall this was a kick-butt routine – in both senses! All of us were sore the next day which was good since our derrieres are not something we choose to work very often. Kinda like calves for me – I will never willingly work my calf muscles. I hate calf exercises. Do you have a body part you hate to work?

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