Workout 3: Assisted Roundhouse Kick

S = 3 (per leg)
R = 15/20/mx

This exercise is my secret weapon to a great backside, I’m not tooting my horn here… it’s feedback from plenty of women, so you know… it’s gotta be all true. I’ve been doing karate since I was 15 years old and I always noticed the great burn feeling in my butt after my Sensei put us through this drill every class. By the time we finished it felt like I had sat down butt naked on a hot stove. We don’t need to go that crazy, but this is a great exercise. To do this, stand against a wall and make sure your supporting leg (non kicking leg) has its toes pointed TO the wall. This means your heels will face the target. Next, bring up the knee of the kicking leg as high as possible and bend it so that your heels are almost touching your butt cheek. Hold on to this leg. Now while staying in this position, fire the kicking leg (point your toes) and then bring it back. Every rep should be done as fast and as furiously as possible.

Note: Once you start the kicking, DO NOT hold the leg every rep, this defeats the purpose. You’ll notice that your knees start to dip as you get tired … you need to FIGHT this urge because that’s where a lot of the results come form.

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