Are you excited about the revised Affordable Care Act?

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Obama’s Affordable Care Act (which many name ObamaCare) has been revised and passed in the Senate. It offers a breath of fresh air for millions of Americans who can’t afford health care. Check out some of the benefits, for a full list visit

  1. Beginning October 2012 – Paper and administrative costs will cease to exist. The new law will institute a series of changes to standardize billing and requires health plans to begin adopting and implementing rules for the secure, confidential, electronic exchange of health information. Using electronic health records will reduce paperwork and administrative burdens, cut costs, reduce medical errors and most importantly, improve the quality of care.
  2. Starting in January 2013, new funding will be provided to funding safe Medicaid programs that will help Americans with preventative care at little to no cost.
  3. Staring in January 2014, the law will implement a new reform that prohibits discrimination due to pre-existing conditions or gender. Insurance companies will no longer be able to refuse coverage or to renew policies because of an individual’s pre-existing conditions. A huge bonus for many Americans who have been struggling with the cost of pre-existing conditions.

Do you know many Americans benefiting from this act? Are you one of them?


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