Get A Reliable Buddy

Let’s face it, sometimes all the planning and sleeping in the world just isn’t enough to get us out of our comfy beds, sometimes we need that extra push. Having a reliable (key word…reliable!) workout buddy that will hold you accountable for sticking to your plans can make all the difference in the world. Having the same goals means they won’t want to slack either and so they are more likely to ring your doorbell or call your phone like a stalker until you get up, out and on your way to your morning workout. And sometimes that’s just what we need!

Are you a morning workout warrior? How do you stick to it?

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  1. Perhaps I needed this. Just this morning, I decided to work out a bit at home before I went to work. I was late to work and SWORE OFF of morning exercise because I feel like I go from having plenty of time and energy to rushing and being too tired too early! If I try it again, I will keep these thoughts in mind

  2. I am a Morning Workout Warrior. I love, love LOVE working out in the morning. It definitely does provide that extra boast of energy. I have the title of my phone alarm as: TeamGetFit and that helps with motivation. I also take solace in the idea that it’s far less crowded in the morning than the evenings (at least at my gyms) and people are less likely to pester you. I also tell myself this is my me time and these pounds won’t drop themselves!

  3. Thanks for this article! I too am one of those that workout in the morning. It’s good to have a source of workout videos to have on hand. I’ve gotten great results based on the “Insanity” videos, mixed with power yoga workouts by Mark Gonzales (

    Anyone have any other recommendations?

  4. I recently started working out in the morning. Consistantly for the past month. I never thought I would be the one to work out in the morning but It was the only time my schedule allowed it. So having a workout partner and sticking to the same time every morning has helped. I actually see why people like it. It gives me an extra boost in the morning.

    The only thing I am having to adjust to is the fact that my appetite is out of control in the morning and the fact that by 2pm I need a serious nap!

  5. This was a fun read. I’ve been trying to master the art of becoming an early bird who works out. I’m still working on it. Thanks for breaking down the steps!

    Brittney <3

  6. so I am committing to walking/running twice a week before 6am (this is huge for a person like me who is not even expected to report to work before 10am because they know better!) But I like the work out itself. Its the after stuff that is giving me a hard time. I want to lay back down after which makes me late even when I should have had PLENTY of time. Gotta work on this

  7. I sometimes get light headed when working out without food in my system but definitely dont have the time to eat breakfast, wait 20-40 minutes for my food to settle, and then work out. Any tips on if one should eat and what we should eat (how much) in the morning prior to working out?

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