Owner: This is probably the most telling aspect of your mat. Do you own your own mat or borrow one from the gym? Sure remembering your mat in the trunk of your car is hard but getting impetigo from putting your child’s pose where someone else put their open-sore cobbler is much worse.

Do you always bring your own mat or chance it with the gym’s? What kind of mat do you have? Tell us and we’ll make random authoritative judgments about your morals in the comments!

*One of the best yoga tips I ever got (and heaven help me I can’t remember which one of you taught me this on your blog so if it was you know that a) I love you! and b) feel free to name check yourself and post a link!) was to fold your yoga mat in half – short edge to short edge – before you roll it up. That way the patterned side that you rest your face on never touches the floor side. Try it!

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