6. “Can I help you with that?” I do appreciate someone stepping in to help me with a weight if I am in obvious distress and/or screaming for help but otherwise I’m there to lift weights. So let me lift them. Although I do appreciate the chivalry. Related: “Are you sure you can lift that?” Well I was until you just said that…

7. “You sweat like a man.” This is true – Gym Buddy Allison and I have been known to sweat a puddle large enough that we slip and fall in it – but this is one of those things that doesn’t need to be said. Related: “You must have forgotten your deodorant.” I think deodorant is overrated in gyms anyhow. We sweat over our whole bodies so what’s the point in having a little oasis of French Sparkle Vanilla Soothing Camel Essence in each pit?

8. “Can you show me how to program this treadmill?” I’m more than happy to show you how to turn on the closed captioning for Hoarders… but not during my run. Just wait until I’m finished with my lift or sprint to ask. (And also, how can anyone watch Hoarders? I watched it for 5 minutes to day and literally dry heaved. Gah.)

9. “Nice rack!” Megan’s reply: “Do you mean the way I hold the weights or my boobs?” Me: “He means your boobs Megan.”

10. “Did you just pee your pants?” Nooooo! Uh-uh. Nope. Totally just crotch sweat! ….Okay, maybe a little. I’ve birthed 5 children – what do you expect from me? Where are the paper towels in this place??

*While the title says “girl” I will venture that most men wouldn’t like these comments either but since I’m not one, I won’t presume to speak for them. Which is to say I’m totally comfortable speaking for the entire other half of the human species. Ahem. ANYHOW. Nor am I saying that men are the only people who say these things.

What’s your least favorite comment you get at the gym? Anyone else not have the stomach to watch Hoarders or do you watch it for motivation to clean you house?

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