2. Bethenny Frankel in Life & Culture: “I’m too thin, because I’m so busy I’m not always hungry, I have to make myself eat more because of my busy schedule.”

Dear Bethenney, I like you. Even when I didn’t want to like you – I like to be counter-culture like that, yo – I read your books and I really liked you. I also get where you’re coming from. When I get really involved in a project I don’t want to take time out to eat either. But here’s the thing: your business is called Skinnygirl. You’ve made your fortune off of ostensibly telling other women how to get skinny like you without doing stupid things. And yet you did (and do?) a lot of stupid things to get the bod that sold the brand. I’m glad you are no longer starving yourself and using laxatives (that would be anorexia and bulimia for those of us that are not famous) but I’m concerned that you’ve embraced the “skinny at all costs” mindset, like you think your livelihood depends on your ability to control your weight. But I’m here to tell you that we’ll like you just as much (and maybe more?) if you take better care of yourself, honey.

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