If your quest for appetite bliss has you in a conundrum, maybe you want to try going raw. And by raw, we mean eating raw foods.

If you’re attempting to switch to raw foods, then there are a few things you ought to know.

  1. Do Your Research – Delving into raw foods is only the beginning of a food journey that you may not be ready for, so do your research. Just like any other food venture you begin, you have to select good quality food and plan out your meals before hand. Many people fail to cover all their nutritional bases before jumping in.
  2. There are immense nutritional benefits – Raw foods have a combination of vitamins, enzymes, proteins and phytonutrients which are partially gone after you cook them. But eating food raw offers a new eating experience where you benefit from all the “raw” nutrition in the food.
  3. Some Like it Raw – Eating raw foods can help you with your weightloss journey. So much so, that many swear by only eating raw foods. If you’re in a rut on whether to transition to raw foods, check out We Like It Raw – a blog dedicated to educating people about raw foods. Also included is a section of people showcasing their weightloss before and after raw foods.

Have you ever tried a raw food diet?

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  1. Raw food has numerous health benefits. Even if you’re not eating at 100% raw, trying incorporating it atleast once a week. rawfood can be soooooo delicious. Its takes meatless mondays to a whole new level. how about Raw Wednesdays.

  2. i LOVE raw foods. 🙂 I love how i feel when i eat that way most of the time. Green smoothies are the easiest to get anyone started.

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