It seems that even if you were trying to lay off the alcohol you may have unconsciously been downing some in some of your favorite soft drinks.

According to a new study published in the Paris Magazine, 60 Million Consumers, there is a small percentage of alcohol found in many of the soft drinks that we consume. Coca-Cola and Pepsi were among the 19 popular sodas across the globe that was studied.

But before you think that if you drink enough soda, you could get a significant buzz, think again.

Research at the National Institute of Consumption in Paris detects that there is only .001 percent per liter. A relatively small amount when compared to the 1.2 percentage that is considered an alcoholic beverage by French Law.

The publication suggests that fruit fermenting could possibly be the cause.

Coca-Cola acknowledges the alcohol in a statement on their website:

Coca-Cola is recognized as a non-alcoholic beverage and we do not add alcohol as an ingredient. Trace levels of alcohol can occur naturally in many foods and beverages. Governments and religious organizations have recognized that such minute levels are considered acceptable in nonalcoholic foods and beverages. Our products are safe and meet the safety requirements, laws and practices in every country where our brands are sold.

Yet after the minor backlash, Coca-Cola has decided it will alter its recipe for sodas sold in the US, and eventually worldwide.

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