In a country where obesity runs rampant, Frugivore was excited to learn about this 10-year-old girl who appears to be eating healthy and getting in plenty of exercise.

Meet Mikala. She is one the most in shape and physically active little girls I’ve seen in a while! The little girl is totally ripped, and her jump shot isn’t bad either! For a 10-year-old her muscles are way more ripped than many men twice her age!

Check out this video of her below:

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  1. I don’t think that it’s appropriate for this little girl to be put on display because of her physique. She’s too young and it’s not right to have her running around in front of a camera with her shirt up so everyone can basically look at her body. Not cool at all.

    • @dirtychai: So what is your point? Is it okay for boys to be shirtless or show off their bodies? I think more young girls should develop their bodies and find happiness in physical feats.

      • @Tonnya: My point is that I feel that she’s too young to be portrayed in this video the way that she is. I love that she’s physically active and plays sports. It’ll build her physically, emotionally and spiritually in the long run. What I don’t love are video pans of a child’s body for what is primarily an adult audience. I don’t care if it’s a boy or girl. I mean c’mon, dude, this video was posted on World Star Hip Hop.

        • @dirtychai: @Tonnya I can see both sides since my dauhgter receives stares and gazes as gymnast who is defined and muscular. While I love to see her shine, I’m always uncomfortable when people look at her too long. I’m glad this young woman seems happy in her skin

      • @Tonnya: It’s the music that is a total turn-off. Why would they choose a low budget Tyrese song to frame a 10-year-old’s video

    • ChocletMartian


      Agreed. I’m happy that she is heathy and fit. But with all the pedophiles online and everywhere else in life, she does not need to be advertised.

      I’m very proud of her all in all. Beautiful little girl

  2. THANK YOU, dirtychai. I couldn’t articulate why I feel so icky seeing this. Thank you for doing so!!! Ugh!

  3. Yeah, the video is a tad on the “kiddie porn” side, and the music doesn’t help. However, I do appreciate the fact that the child is physically active, seems to enjoy being active, and is possibly very healthy. It probably would have been a lot better though if there was just a video of the kid being interviewed about her lifestyle (what she likes to eat, how often does she play with her peers, what her parents feed her, her favorite sport, etc.) and playing with her sibilings/friends. Not sure what the person who filmed this was thinking.

  4. This video is way too long and the pan shots are exploitative. The song is completely inappropriate. What is the matter with you?!?!

  5. Yeah that video is skeevy as hell, esp. with that song. I can appreciate a child (or adult for that matter) being physically fit, active, and comfortable in their body, but the closeups of a child is just…

  6. VegetarianGyrl

    Why must we put our children on display for any reason? I was an obese child and was teased mercilessly. Thanks to a healthy Vegetarian Diet and plenty of exercise, I am a healthy weight. Our country has gone nuts over diet and exercise, and now our children have been dragged into this mess. I liked who I was fat, and I like who I am average, I haven’t changed. I became Vegetarian because I couldn’t metabolize meat. Leave our children ALONE! some will be chubby, some will look like HE-MAN like the little girl mentioned here (as if that’s normal). Let’s just accept everyone for who they are, and encourage health, not promote prejudices.

  7. Southern Twist

    This is a very odd video, actually don’t know how to truly respond. It def is close to kiddie-porn from what they portray it as on Law & Order VSU, the close up shots on her stomach are disturbing. Her gymnastic skills cool, the rest….the entire video is horrible, there, it was said.

  8. Wow. I would be interested in knowing what her health regimen is. Hope she is not being pressured to over-do it. I agree it would have been a much more effective if they just interviewed the child about her lifestyle instead of creepy ass close-ups of her body with a sexual Tyrese song on. But the video was on World Star Hip Hop so…

  9. this is some freak sh*t!

    the stills… cool.
    but sexy music with too many pan shots of a prepubescent body isnt ok.
    i thought I was gonna see an amazing athlete and get some cardio-acceptable/ballerific music.
    this is porn and exploitation of a child and this needs to be removed.

    call me a hater, but this is not ok.

  10. It is too much. And we wonder why children behave in adult fashion. They continue being exploited by adults (literally their parents/guardians). This too is accepted among their peers and perceived as normal. Sign of the times can be s scary. I hope there is time still to harness our youth into a healthy and righteous consciousness. But we need first to examine our own thinking.

  11. The video is creepy and inappropriate! The child’s fitness routine may be too harsh for her age; could interrupt M cycle. I’m all for encouraging fitness in girls but no + no to this approach.

  12. I was hard pressed to play it to begin with. I stopped watching it after about a minute that video is waaay too invasive.

  13. Interesting story. Awful accompanying music. For the continuation – choose something more kid-appropriate. She has a beautiful smile. Try using Kirk Franklin’s tune “Smile”. Just a thought.

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