If you’ve been monitoring celebrity bodies lately – but really, who doesn’t – you’ll know that Jessica Simpson has become the latest new mommy to join the Weight Watchers wagon. She took to her Facebook page, to announce the news,

“It’s official, I’m joining Weight Watchers!”

Rumors are swirling that Simpson is getting paid 3 million dollars to endorse Weight Watchers as her new weight loss guru, offering a bit of speculation behind the real reason the singer may have chosen them to lose the weight. There has been no response from them as to whether or not a financial deal is actually in place.

But what they have said, proves that they have faith in the star,

“Her talent, resilience and positive outlook already make her a great role model,” the company said. “And by deciding to trade in yo-yo dieting for a healthier lifestyle, we know she will inspire many women to join her.”

Simpson joins the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Jenny McCarthy, and Tina Fey.

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  1. REALLY? How much money does WW have? There is something off by their campaigns. I just can’t put my finger on it

  2. This is such crap. So how do I know she is not getting lazer lipo inbetween eating pkg foods? I hate these gimmicks.

  3. She’s going to be fat again.

  4. I really hope she loses the weight. She probably feels miserable not being able to show off what she once had. It is hard, but I hope this will work for her. I have faith, and if doesn’t work, you have to remember that shes a mom now and all that really matters is to take care of her little one the best she can. Im sure, she will have more children in the future and thats just being more of a role model because once you have kids, it is hard to stay fit or slim down for some. Im not saying it is healthy, but on terms of thing lets not stress about our bodies and accept the way things are. <3

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